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These Fantasy Mother-Daughter Photoshoots Are Pure Magic

These photo ideas are stunning.

Sure, family photoshoots at the beach and in the middle of a field are beautiful. Anytime you get the chance to dress up and catch your children exactly as they are in this moment in time is pretty great. But for some moms out there, those types of photoshoots are a little too basic. 

If that sounds like you, keep reading, because one photographer on TikTok has shared how she's spicing things up when she shoots mothers and daughters. If you like all things fantasy and whimsical, these photoshoot themes are definitely for you! We're stunned at how gorgeous these pictures turned out to be.


One mom and her daughter are dressed as mermaids, sitting on the shore of a lake, while another pair are wearing giant angel wings, cuddling up together in a big, open field. It's truly awe-inspiring to see the pictures after they've been shot and edited — this is a keepsake you'll be glad you had forever.

People were totally blown away by the photos, and the video has already earned hundreds of comments.

"I cannot begin to express how awesome this is. I want to do this so badly now!" one mom wrote.

If only more photographers had this much creativity! Next time we need to have professional photos done, we might decide to go for the fantasy route for a change...