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Kid Calls Mom “Fat” and She Has the Best Response

Take notes on this one parents.

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Little kids go through a not-so-charming phase where they love pushing boundaries and making parents uncomfortable and being naughty, for lack of a better word, just to see how their mom or dad will react. It seems to be a phase that pretty much every child goes through, and there's no way to escape it. Parents need to arm themselves with a thick skin and a boatload of patience to make it through.

In this video from @bethany.oggenfuss, we meet a mom whose little boy is clearly in this phase, and he's just called her "fat" to see how she would react. How did she react? Perfectly. By explaining to her son that actually, fat wasn't a bad word, and it wasn't going to be a word they used to make people feel sad. 

"I don't know who told my kid 'fat' was a bad word but if he's trying to insult me someone's going to need to give him better material," the mom wrote. It's hard to say whether or not her little boy truly understood the gravity of what she was saying, but she delivered the message firmly and with so much love, he must have understood the gist of it at least. It might be a message that she needs to repeat more than once, as is the case with so many important parenting platitudes. But at some point or another, her child is bound to understand. 

It's so important that our children get this message, and that they internalize and believe it. That's the only way for our culture to change.

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