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Feminist Daughter Refuses to Be Called Pretty Instead of Smart, Shocking Mom

There was some sashaying involved.

Raising any kid is hard work, but raising daughters comes with its own special types of challenges. A lot of emphasis is often placed on little girls' looks when we wish people would notice our daughters for how smart or brave they are — and we want our daughters to be able to see those qualities in themselves, too.

One feminist mom trying to raise her daughter to believe in the same ideals recently figured out she's doing her job the right way based on a conversation they had. As she shared in a video on TikTok, after Mom complimented her for being pretty, her sassy daughter wasn't satisfied.


"My youngest one came up to me and was talking and being super cute, and I went, 'you're just so stinkin' pretty.' And then, the little sh-t hit me. So I said, 'Okay, you're super smart,'" Mom said. 

This was the correct compliment to give, apparently, because her daughter was then "sashaying as she walks away like she's been watching Ru Paul's Drag Race her entire life." 

Mom was proud of her daughter, as she should be — she knows what's really important! It's always nice to hear how good we look, but what's most important is what's inside, and it sounds like that's something this mama has managed to instill in her kids. 

Way to go, Mom. This girl is definitely going places.