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Handy Man Tried to Convince Mom a Job Was Too Complicated to Handle On Her Own, So She Taught Her Daughter How to Do It

Her little face says it all.

If you grew up believing that your mom was your superhero, you're definitely not alone. When they put their minds to it, moms truly can do anything, whether it's considered a "girl" thing or not — and some of us are working overtime to make sure our daughters believe the same thing of themselves in the process. Who needs to deal with gender stereotypes when we have enough to do as it is? 

One mom on TikTok shared the perfect example of this when a rude handy man gave her the opportunity to teach her little girl an important lesson. After he told her it would be too hard for her to fix up her stairs herself, not only did Mom take matters into her own hands, but she proved her daughter could do it, too.


Apparently, the man told her she needed a "special key" to fix the stairs, but what he meant was a HEX key — the same type of small wrench that comes with just about any IKEA furniture you can buy. So Mom took out her HEX key and gave it to her daughter, showing her just how easy it was to get the job done herself.

Judging by her daughter's facial expressions, she was not here for any of these stereotypes — all she could do was roll her eyes after proving how easy it was to get the spindles on the stairs back in shape.

We love this little girl's attitude, and the fact that her mom was so willing to prove to her that she can accomplish anything, despite what a man might say. 

This kid is going places!