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The Way This Fertility Clinic Tells Patients When They Finally Get Pregnant Is So Sweet

How beautiful is this?!

The journey to conceiving a baby can be a long and difficult one, especially if you're dealing with infertility. Walking down that path can include a lot of doctor's appointments, medications, and injections, not to mention how big the financial and emotional impacts can be. 

Given those unique challenges, it makes sense that people are extra excited for parents-to-be who finally get that positive test after so many negatives, and there's at least one fertility clinic out there who celebrates these wins like they should. In a sweet video one office shared on TikTok, we get to see them deliver good news to one of their patients, and it's so adorable.


When they call one of their patients to let her know that she's expecting, the whole office gathers around and shouts "you're pregnant!" through the phone. What a way to find out such exciting news! 

And according to the caption on the video, this doctor has made this a tradition for his office since the '70s, meaning that women have been receiving their happy news in such a fun way for around 50 years. Whoa! 

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One of the people who commented on the video was actually the child of one of the doctor's patients more than 20 years ago. How cool is this? 

"Why am I crying?! There needs to be more joy for women going through infertility, it’s a freaking heroic journey. This is a top notch move," one person wrote.

They're not wrong. More doctor's offices should do this! 

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