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Mom Shares Warning to Other Parents After Learning the Reason Behind Daughter’s Mysterious Illness Was Her Mattress

Be careful what you buy.

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When we purchase something as parents that our kids are going to use everyday, we try to get the best quality item we can. Especially when you're on a budget, you really depend on these items to do what they're supposed to do, whether you're talking about a car seat that keeps your kid safe or a jacket that keeps your kid warm or a toy that keeps your kid entertained. When it turns out that something we bought for our kids is actually harmful, it can be devastating.

The story in this video from @allwillynillytoots (partly told in an earlier video, as well) is all about something that a parent bought for their kids -- mattresses -- and how unbelievably dangerous they turned out to be. As the mom explains, a few months after allegedly purchasing her kids memory foam mattresses at Big Lots, a shiny dust started appearing underneath their beds. Around the same time, her daughter started throwing up for no reason and both her kids developed a cough and rashes nobody could figure out. Long story short? The mattresses are full of fiberglass, which is apparently common for memory foam mattresses.

So terrifying! The poor kids were so sick! And the family took such a hit, having to throw away so much. It sure seems like they should be compensated in some way by somebody. Hopefully her kids are healing and won't suffer any permanent ill effects from this horrible experience. It's just so unfair. You pay good money for a product for your child, something you hope will be to their benefit, and it turns out that thing hurts your child (and destroys a ton of your stuff). Wow.

Some commenters had been through a similar experience, even with having to throw stuff out and get an air purifier. Lots of people advised parents to check the labels on any mattress they get for their kid to make sure it doesn't have fiberglass, which is often used as a cheap filler in memory foam products. In general, viewers were just horrified on behalf of this family and hopeful for the kids' recovery.

It's really true what they say: Buyer beware. When it comes to our kids, we can't be careful enough about the things we purchase for them. Because unfortunately, companies aren't always totally upfront.

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