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This Mom Perfectly Shares the Stress of July 4th Fireworks Waking Up a Baby

And lately, it's a multi-night event.

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The 4th of July can be a really fun holiday to celebrate with the big kids in the fam. Going to a cook out, watching fireworks, swimming in the pool — there's a lot to look forward to! But when your kids are still little (young toddlers and infants, mostly), Independence Day is more than a hassle than anything else. Do you risk the bedtime routine for the sake of celebrating? And what about the fireworks that will inevitably go off after baby is in bed for the night? 

When we're raising babies, our number one priority is usually making sure they get their naps and night sleep, uninterrupted — otherwise, we all suffer. And when something threatens that, like fireworks after 7 p.m. on the 4th of July, it can be stressful, as one mom on TikTok perfectly illustrated.


In the video, a mom is constantly checking her baby monitor, starting on June 30. Each night, she looks very ready for bed and very frustrated as we hear fireworks booming in the background... just like many other parents probably looked after dark on those dates. 

That feeling of cringing every time another particularly loud firework goes off outside, waiting to hear the baby cry and holding your breath until they do — so many of us have been there.

In these situations, all we can do is turn up the volume on the white noise machines and hope for the best. Eventually, our kids will be old enough to stay up and watch the fireworks... but for now, take comfort in knowing that you're not alone in stressing out after dark on July 4!