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Woman Throws Her Boyfriend His First Birthday Party Ever And His Reaction Is Priceless

You can see his inner child healing...

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Birthdays should be some of the most joyous memories we make growing up. It may sound frivolous, but it is a yearly reminder that we should be happy to be alive, and that life despite its trials is worth celebrating. Unfortunately, not every kid gets to experience that joy. Whether it was because of money issues or other family turmoil there are so many reasons kids may not get the chance to even hear “Happy Birthday” sung to them on their special day. 

The best anyone can do in that situation is to surround themselves with people who are willing to help heal that inner child. And by the looks of it Ria, aka @iluvbroden111 on TikTok, and her family are willing to do just that for her boyfriend who never had celebrated his birthday like this before. 


As he enters her home, family and friends jump out to surprise him with a party of his own. He (and then collectively the whole internet) lost when he saw his very own birthday cake. The look of humbled, pure joy was completely unfiltered, and everyone swooned over the sweetness with the young couple. 

“Coming from somebody who [never] got a party like that I’m sure he appreciates you more than you’ll ever know girl,” wrote one TikTok user.

And others shared their own experiences doing this for a loved-one.

“I did this for my husband and he was wide eyed and surprised with all the decorations,” they wrote. “It was dinosaur theme, his favorite thing as a child.”

Healing that inner child is so important and we hope that he gets many happy new memories like this.