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Baby Tries Cake for the First Time and His Reaction Is On Point

That’s how we feel about cake little guy!

There are a lot of things that parents look forward to seeing their kids do for the first time — their first trip to the zoo, the first time they go to the playground, their first vacation. Some of them are a bit simpler, like seeing them try different foods after a lifetime of breastmilk or formula. And there's truly nothing like watching the look on their faces when they're first introduced to sweet treats! 

Many babies don't try cake until they're celebrating their first birthdays, and that includes one adorable little guy who's going viral on TikTok. His parents caught his first bite of cake ever on camera, and we have to admit that we relate to him a lot after seeing his reaction. 


At first, he seemed unsure about the chocolate cupcake his parents were serving him, but that only lasted for a minute. Once he took that first bite, he realized that he'd been seriously missing out on something amazing for the first year of his life. That little smile is everything! 

Both he and his dad ended up sharing a laugh, and we don't doubt that he went back for more of that cupcake! 

In the comments on the video, people couldn't help but share how much they relate to this baby. Who doesn't smile after taking a bite of cake?

"So cute!!! I still have this reaction when I eat cake," one person wrote.

This seems like the perfect way to celebrate turning one. Keep that cake coming!