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Toddler’s Reaction to Getting Picked Up From 1st Day of Daycare Is Melting Working Moms’ Hearts

His little face!

Every working mom will tell you one of the hardest days of her life is dropping off your baby for the first time with child care providers. Be it a sitter or daycare, it’s like watching a part of your heart walk right now of your body. Setting them out into the world with strangers is an emotional experience for the parents, but the kids feel the shift even more.

The thing is, kids always try to put on a brave a face as possible when they are with new people. Which is what makes this video of a  little boy’s first day of pick up from daycare so heart-meltingly sweet.


As mom approaches the room you can see both she and her toddler are just so relieved to be back together that they both start tearing up. His tough guy face just drops into a pouty puddle and I swear I felt my ovaries ache at his sweet little face.

Followers thought that this sweet moment was just so precious. 

“The fact that he wasn’t crying when you got there means he had a fun day! But no doubt he missed his Mama,” encouraged one follower.

“Little man was probably being brave the whole day holding his emotions til he saw his mama and I’m here crying with him,” added another.

So many families have to face this reality. And the only comfort we can offer is it gets so much easier over time! You’re doing a great job whether you work or stay at home.