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Mom Asks Partner to Take Over the Camera Duties and It’s a Sign All Moms Should Do That Too

We deserve to be in the memories too!

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When it comes to documenting family life, for some reason, it tends to be moms who are the ones behind the cameras. It's a generalization, sure, but it also happens to be true: moms are too busy taking pictures of fun activities to be in the picture. And that's sad, if you think about it. Someday, your kids are going to want to look back and see not just what they looked like when they were little, but what you looked like, too. They're going to want to see the way you smiled at each other and the expressions you made. That's why on one particular mini golfing trip, @authenticallylin asked her husband to step behind the she could be part of the memories.


Such adorable pics. So natural, just a mom in her element…but it’s true that if she hadn’t gone out of her way to ask her husband to take the pics, there would be no record of mom on that mini golf trip. She would have just faded into the shadows. Maybe dad didn’t make it into this batch of pictures, but he’s surely in plenty of others. And maybe next time, a passerby could take a pic of the whole family together.