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Mom Captures First Time 7 Month Old Son With Down Syndrome Said ‘Mama’ and It’s Too Precious

Our hearts are officially melted.

The first year of a child's life is basically an emotional rollercoaster for parents — babies seem to bring us the highest highs and the lowest lows. But one of the great points is the moment where they finally say "mama" and "dada" for the first time. There's nothing like hearing your name come out of your child's mouth! 

For one mom on TikTok, this milestone was extra special. She's been documenting her journey after finding out her baby has Down Syndrome when he was born, so when she shared that he said "mama" for the very first time, her followers were extra emotional. This is too precious! 


In the video, this adorable baby boy (whose name is Lane) is on the floor, having some tummy time when he pushes up on his arms and starts saying "mama" over and over again. In the background, we can hear applause, and Mom proudly saying, "are you saying mama?!" 

"I had the camera set up while I did dishes, and I heard him from across the room and freaked out," Lane's mom explained in a comment.

We can't imagine how emotional this moment must have been for her, but we can tell that it was definitely emotional for her followers, judging by all of the comments she received on the post! 

"The way he sat up & said okay here’s my moment, let me show off," one person wrote. 

Way to go, baby Lane! Before his mom knows it, he'll be talking up a storm.