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Girl’s Reaction To Mom Making Her a Floral ‘Crown’ Is the Cutest Thing Ever

She is positively glowing.

No matter who or how old you are, everyone likes to feel good in their own skin. Wearing a cute outfit, adding that perfect accessory, or having a good hair day can really put that extra spring in your step, and there's nothing like seeing a kid figure out how good that feeling really is for themselves. 

One little girl on TikTok got a major boost when her mom did her makeup and made her a flower crown as they celebrated the summer solstice. Mom filmed the getting ready process, and this little lady was practically glowing as her look came together right before her eyes.


The little girl, whose name is Kalianna, sat patiently as her mom brushed on some eyeshadow and blush, and even pressed sunflowers into her hair. Seeing Kalianna's expression as the flowers appeared in her hair is too cute — it's like she was totally amazed her mom knew how to do that! 

We get to see the finished product at the end of the video, too, and this little girl is looking good! For anyone wanting to recreate this look at home, Mom wrote in the comments that she kept the flowers in place with bobby pins. 

And what's even better is that Mom added that Kalianna was excited to see how many likes and comments her video got — over 2,500 people did click that heart, after all. 

Who knew taking a few extra minutes to assemble a makeshift flower crown could make a kid so happy? It really is the little things.