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Mom Finds Kids Rolling Around In Flour and the Internet Is Praising Her Reaction

She’s got the patience of an angel.

Kids are messy. They just are. There's no way around it. If you have kids, you have a mess on your hands more often than not. You basically have two choices in the matter: You can fight the mess 24/7 and drive yourself crazy, or you can resign yourself to the occasional (regular) mess and try to have fun with it. Or at least not lose your mind.

In this video from @jessubject, the kids have gotten into the flour. Like, big-time. They've gotten their whole entire bodies into the flour, in fact. But the mom's reaction is definitely not what you would expect...


Hilarious! The kids are loving it. And let's be honest, is she making the mess any worse? No. The mess isn't going anywhere, they might as well have a little fun with it. The mom is like, you want to play with flour? Here you go, play with some flour!!

Commenters were totally impressed with this mom's patience and sense of fun:
"Finally, a good use for children! I like your thinking"
"I love that you don’t get mad at them and join them they’ll have amazing memories"
"Wait...that's what your suppose to do with them?!?!? I've been cleaning wrong for so many years!!!"
"Omg I did this as a kid!.... Turned out it wasn't flour, it was plaster powder"
"why can't you live down the street from me? I need you and your methods in my life. i never thought of using my children as a broom before"
"Messes are temporary but the memories will last a lifetime! I love how you join in on the fun! Makes my heart happy!"

Every parent can definitely learn something from this mom's attitude. Messes are temporary, but memories last forever.