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Foster Dad Has the Sweetest Reaction to Watching Foster Child Walk for the First Time

There is so much love here!

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Being a foster parent can come with a lot of challenges, but opening your heart and your home to a child who needs stability can also be such a rewarding thing to do. Though foster parents do know that the goal is to reunify these children with their parents in the future, they can be a soft place to land in the meantime. And sometimes, this means taking in very small babies and being able to witness all of their big milestones for the first time, too — what a gift.

This foster dad got to see his foster baby walk for the first time, and the video of this special moment is so heartwarming. He may not be this baby's biological father, but the love here is so palpable. 

According to the caption on the video, these foster parents brought this little one home as a newborn, so they've already got a lot of history with this baby. It's no wonder that Dad had such a proud look on his face, watching this seven month old taking steps while pushing a walker. That's a big moment in any parent's life, and it's so special that he got to witness this as it happened.

Though the comments were filled with people saying that they wouldn't have the strength to be foster parents, knowing that the child's time with them were limited, the mom who posted this video added a comment of her own, writing, "It's hard but it's all worth it for these amazing kids." 

There's no doubt that it takes a very special person to be a foster parent, and babies like this one are very lucky that those special people exist.

Way to go on those first steps, buddy! 

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