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Foster Family Takes In Pregnant Teen & It's So Sweet

What an amazing family

Every family is different, but all real families have one thing in common: love. It's love, not blood, that makes a family; as proof, we have this incredibly heartwarming video from @x.o._blossom_x.o. The video begins with a shot of the poster, pregnant. "POV: you get pregnant at 15 and was put back into foster care." Pregnant and in foster care: sounds like an incredibly scary situation. Except this teen found her forever home, and they couldn't have been more thrilled to get a daughter and a granddaughter in one fell swoop.


These two look like they couldn't be happier to be parents and grandparents. All the happy family memories, watching the baby grow up to look like a super happy little's just the most unbelievably happy ending ever. The idea of being a pregnant teen in foster care sounds just so terrifying: would you end up having to give up your baby? How do you take care of a baby when you don't even have a home yourself? This family absolutely came to this teen's rescue and gave her and her daughter a better life than they ever dreamed of. It's the kind of story that hit commenters hard: "Lawd I’m tired of crying over strangers on this app! This is so beautiful!"
"Not only gained a daughter, but gained a granddaughter. How beautiful"
"As a former foster kid who never found his forever home I’m so happy you did!" "
yall stop this!!! I dont know yall but I'm crying over here like I do. I'm so happy for you all. family is love, not blood."
So happy for this family and their future together!