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Foster Mom Is Cutting Up Hot Dogs For Thanksgiving for a Very Important Reason

Home is a feeling...

When we think of Thanksgiving, we think of food — a big part of this holiday. Traditional dishes served each November include staples like turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. But all families do things a little differently as they celebrate, including preparing a few unconventional dishes to add to their spread. 

One mom out there is doing just that this year in order to make her foster children feel welcome. She shared a video on TikTok of herself cutting up hot dogs for turkey day for the sweetest reason, despite the fact that it's not what many families eat on the holiday.

In the video, the mom explains that her foster son, who is a second grader, had an assignment to write about his favorite Thanksgiving food and chose Kraft Mac & Cheese with cut up hot dogs, which had obviously been part of his traditions before moving in with his foster family. That meant that Mom wanted to make sure that his favorite food was on the table that year, right along with everything else she usually makes for the holiday.

"This is the first big holiday that my foster children will spend away from home," she wrote. "So, if I can make this to give him a little bit of comfort, why wouldn't I? Sometimes, it isn't just about sticking to traditions... it's about feeling loved and at home." 

This mama has such a good heart. It's hard to imagine just how hard what her foster children are going through must be, especially during the holidays, but that makes it even more special that she's going the extra mile for these kids.

They're so lucky to have her. We hope that little one enjoys his hot dogs!