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Single Foster Mom Shares the Raw Photos Of What It Can Be Like Fostering a Traumatized Child

What that kid went through…we can hardly imagine.

Being a foster parent is never easy, and sometimes it's really, really hard. The same goes for being a foster kid, actually. That's why some foster kids end up acting out, and why some foster parents end up realizing they're not quite equipped for that level of parenting.

In this video from @mckennafoley0, a woman starts out totally excited and ready to become a foster mom. Then, in a series of pictures, we find out how the experience went for her. Unfortunately, the pics are unbelievably disturbing: The foster mom's home had been completely trashed, with one door even kicked (?) in. It's horrible to contemplate what this poor child went through to make them so destructive. 


So unbelievably sad. In the final pic, the foster mom tells us that she went to therapy for three months and she's ready for her next foster placement. It's great she wants to keep trying. It's true that most people don't have the slightest idea how challenging it is to be a foster parent. It's just so tragic to think of the child who destroyed that house...they need so much help, and such specialized care. There's so much healing that needs to happen. 

Commenters were mostly sympathetic with the foster mom, and sorry that she wasn't equipped to deal with her first foster child...
"Kids lash out when they feel safe. You were their safe place and they knew it. I’m sure it was awful but they needed to let all of that out."
"I'm so sorry that this happened! The trauma some of these kids endure in life is so bad that even great foster parents aren't enough."
"The amount of rage….I can only imagine the amount of pain the child must be in."
"More likely this kiddo has been hard to place and the agency shouldn’t of placed with a brand new foster parent. I’m so sorry!"

We can only hope that this child ends up with the right family as soon as possible, and that this foster mom's next placement is a much bigger success.