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Mom Is a Master at Keeping “Gremlins” Busy for Free

And it definitely worked.

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Even though the average little kid is generally well-stocked with toys, crayons, digital distractions, and a million other ways to amuse themselves, somehow they never seem to escape boredom. And never mind all of your fabulous suggestions, because they'll generally be met with whining and more complaints. 

Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands and get your kids busy doing something, anything. That's what's going on in this video from @kristy.sarah. And all you need to follow her lead is a couple of cardboard boxes! You know you have plenty of cardboard boxes. When you see the genius entertainment device and a few magic markers, you'll be blown away.

Is that not genius? The kids are having a total blast, they're contained to one area, they can't make a mess...sure, they have a million toys that cost a lot more money than a couple of cardboard boxes, but who cares? "and I'll say it do not need money to entertain gremlins!!" the mom wrote. 

Commenters thought this was the best idea ever...
"I love how you just plop them in...trying this with my gremlin!"
"Saving everything for my twin gremlins"
"honey where are the kids?" "they're in the gremlin boxes"
"Perfect now seal the boxes and take them to the post office"
"Refrigerator box, my sister and I were set for a week and a half"
"The way the boxes were shaking and them giggling"

It's all so true: All it takes to truly entertain kids is to somehow inspire them to use their imaginations. And for some reason, cardboard boxes do the job nicely.