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Apparently French Babies Sleep Better than American Babies and This Could Be Why

Parenting around the world varies and yields totally different outcomes.

No matter who you are or where you live, if you're a parent, at your core, all you want is the best for your children — that seems to be pretty universal. But when it comes to actual parenting styles, that can vary wildly from country to country. Even parents in different parts of the United States tend to do things differently!

And if you're hoping for a bit of parenting inspiration from across the pond, you might be interested in this tidbit about how raising babies is done in France. Apparently, French babies sleep better than American babies, and this TikTok explains why.


After reading Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman, this dad took to TikTok to share what he learned about how many French newborns are sleeping through the night at just two months old — a pipe dream compared to what a lot of new American moms experience! 

Apparently, it's because many French parents don't immediately rush to their child's side when they're crying (during the day or the night) so the babies figure out how to console themselves and therefore cry less and sleep better. 

He also shared other differences in French parenting, like how they take a bit more of a relaxed approach to their children learning skills and that they allow their kids to be bored instead of constantly supplying entertainment. 

While the idea of sleep training (as well as a more hands-off parenting approach) can definitely be a hot button issue on the US, a lot of parents have found success in this — so maybe the French are onto something? 

Food for thought...