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Mom Is Beyond Thankful That After a Tragic Accident Disabled Her Son, He Has a BFF Like This One

That’s real friendship.

It's great to have good friends around when life is going well, but it's when tragedy strikes that we really need to know we can count on the people in our lives. Though friends will certainly come and go, especially when we're young, there are some friendships that will stay forever. It's so special to watch our kids foster these kinds of lifelong relationships with their friends.

When the chips are down, you need to lean on your people, and that's exactly what this boy is doing in a video shared by his mom on TikTok. After he was involved in an accident that took away his ability to walk, his best friend is proving just how dedicated he is.

Sharing footage of her son's best friend carrying her son in his arms, she wrote, "since my son can't walk after a tragic accident, his best friend comes to get him out and carries him every day." 

It's impressive enough to have a friend like that in your life, and seeing the way he comes through for his buddy in need is really something special.

This mom has been sharing her son's journey to walk again in previous videos, though she hasn't shared much about the accident he was in. In any event, it looks like he's been hard at work since at least the summer to regain the ability to walk, and though we can't imagine how hard that is for this family, it's good to see that they have people they can count on during such a difficult time. 

Take note: This is what real love looks like. These boys are lucky to have each other.