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This Mom's Hack For Wearing Out Her Toddler Will Work For Any 'Frozen' Fan

Why do kids love playing with ice so much?

Summer is in full swing, the weather is hot, and the kids are bored — it's that time of year again. While they were once obsessed with the novelty of playing outside, things are getting a bit more challenging at this point. And if you've realized you need to step up your creativity as a mom but simply don't have the energy for it, this little hack may just help you out a bit.

One mom on TikTok has invented the best game for a summer day, and it's especially helpful if your kid is into Frozen. It's called playing Elsa, y'all, and all it requires is having access to ice. That's easy enough! 


"Need a way to wear out your toddler? Practice their 'ice powers' like Elsa in the backyard," this mom wrote in her video. 

Cut to a clip of her son with a cup of ice, throwing the cubes at the wall and singing "Let It Go" at the same time, all the while with a huge smile on his face. It actually works! 

And what's truly magical is that once Mom starts giving him challenges, like to run all the way to the fence before he throws his ice again, he actually listens. Wait, is this magic we're witnessing? 

We're keeping this one in our back pockets for when we really need it. Parenting hacks don't get any simpler than this.