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Mom Enthusiastically Shows Off Full Belly to Daughter to Teach a Powerful Lesson

Everyone’s inner child just got healed a little more after watching this.

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Our society sends our kids lots of messages, before we think they're even paying attention, about how we're supposed to look and the kinds of bodies you're supposed to have. That's why it's so important to pump our kids full of positive body image-related beliefs before they get too big and you have to do the much harder work of reversing negative ideas. 

A perfect example of how to do this is this super cute video from @i.literally.dont.exist. The mom is showing her daughter the difference between a full (happy) tummy and an empty (sad) tummy, and it's so revolutionary it could seriously change the way adults feel about their own tummies. Like, this is how you need to think to have a positive body image, truly.

What a completely genius idea! Imagine thinking of your body as something that you need to keep happy, instead of thinking of your body as something that needs to conform to some idea in order for you to be happy. This is exactly the kind of positive self-talk that kids need to be taught when they're super young. This mom is totally nailing it! 

Commenters absolutely loved this, with so many viewers wishing their parents had done something similar for them. "This is the best I'm going back in time right now to show this to my younger self," wrote one commenter. "This feels so safe, the body positivity is amazing," wrote another. 

If only more parents did this for their little ones, imagine how society's messed-up ideas about bodies and eating would actually change. It all starts with one!

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