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Grandson Leads Emotional Haka For His Late Grandmother and It’ll Move You to Tears

So much raw emotion and gorgeous tradition

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Everybody has their own way of grieving. Some families prefer solemn ceremonies, others have funerals that are almost celebratory, with a steady stream of loved ones all sharing memories and telling stories about the deceased. Then there are cultural traditions surrounding death. In New Zealand, they might dance the haka, a ceremonial Maori war dance sometimes performed at funerals involving stamping of the feet and rhythmic shouting. That's what's happening in this video from @zoegifkins1, which shows a little boy starting off a haka to honor his grandmother, who recently passed. The emotion here is so raw.


The look on that little boy's face is enough to make you start sobbing. This is a child who truly loved his grandma and will miss her dearly. Not only that, this is a child who knew to take his sadness and channel it into a beautiful tribute to his grandmother. It's so heartwarming when the others start to join in. "Rest in love my beautiful nan," reads the caption, and it's clear that Nan was surrounded by love in her life, just as she is in death. And that her family will always keep her memory alive.