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Mom Finds Out 7-Year-Old Boy Has Been Hacking Into Amazon Account for Adorably “Nerdy” Reason

This is so much better than just filling up a cart.

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More than one child out there has gotten in trouble for using their parents' Amazon Prime account — we just know it. It's too easy to use the app (or even devices with Alexa) to place an order, even if that order is something that Mom or Dad did not approve of. Keeping those accounts locked down is key if you have mischievous kids... or even ones who may make purchases without realizing what they're doing. 

But when one mom on TikTok discovered that her 7-year-old son was using her Amazon account, it was for a reason she did not predict. He wasn't using it to go shopping, but for a much more adorable reason.

Apparently, he was using the account to write reviews for the children's books he's read, which is just too cute, and his mom seemed to be having the best time reading them. 

"Apparently, he did not like A Rotten Apple," she said, sharing his one star review. 

"And when I posted about it on my Facebook, somebody dug up another one. Apparently, there were too many carrots, and yet... five stars," she added about a different review he had written.

We love that he's offering feedback about the books he liked and didn't like already. Clearly, this little boy already has a love of reading — and of discussing what he's read with others. He needs a book club! 

One person took the opportunity to share that this is the upside of children having screen time.

"People always complain about 'iPad kids' but these kids are actually educating themselves at an incredible rate," one commenter wrote.

Amen to that. We hope he always loves reading this much! 

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