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Aunt Takes Nephew to First Day of School and Ends Up Going to the Wrong School

This is just too funny.

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Back-to-school is such a hectic time. It can be so easy to get the little things wrong: is today a gym day? Is your kid buying lunch or bringing? Are you dropping your kid off at the right school? That last question might seem like one with an obvious answer, but for an aunt who's pitching in by taking her nephew to school, it might be trickier to get it right than it seems. In this video from @dhohabe, a helpful aunt has a confusing morning, but could've happened to any of us. 


"I took him to the wrong school!" Too funny. Her nephew doesn't seem too concerned back there, luckily, and presumably he made it to the correct school at some point, so at least there was no real harm done. And boy, can commenters ever relate:
"My dad did this to me at kindergarten I spent a whole day there and there was no other way to contact my parents"
"As someone that works at a school this happens ALOT by uncles and aunts" "happened to me once...I was left by the gate and they went to work...I never knew my parents phone number I was just put in a random class"
"you and my brother he went to collect my son at the nursery school instead of his primary school"
"once I took my nephew to the wrong karate practice we laughed all the way home that day"
"Me and my mom once put my brother on the wrong bus and he went 2 the wrong school we only noticed minutes later when we saw his bus waiting for him"
The lesson here? Kids are resilient. And always make sure to give aunts and uncles precise instructions.