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Baby Is a Little Too Excited to Get Baptised

The splashing though...

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A baby's baptism is obviously a situation where a great many things can go wrong. You've got a baby, so that's one wild card, then you've got water, a really fancy outfit, an audience of people watching...forget about it. If you can actually pull it off without a major disaster, it's a miracle. (Guess you're in the right place for one?)

Best case scenario, you get a cute moment like the one in this video from @heidihopland. This baby has nothing against the idea of getting fact, they're pretty excited about it. It might be that they think it's time for a little sensory water play or even a quick bath, but they are totally ready to get wet.

Babies love to splash! You've got to give everybody credit for just going with the flow. And the baby definitely gave the congregation something to giggle about. This little one's reaction is far preferable to that of a baby who starts crying the second the water hits their forehead. Because that's never a fun time for anybody at the baptism. 

Commenters had some pretty hilarious things to say:
"Baby be like 'and you get a baptism, and YOU get a baptism, and eeeeverybody gets a baptism'"
"'Holy Spirit Activate'"
"Y'all ALL need blessin'"
"you're getting saved, and you're getting saved, and you're getting saved!"
"I know what happened. You said baptism. The baby heard bath-time"
"The baby really said: It ain't heaven without all of you."
"how to make your baptism go viral 101"

No one will ever forget this baptism! It'll be interesting to see if this little one approaches all their milestones with the same enthusiasm and gusto. It's all about making a splash!

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