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Newborn Mom Hysterically Explains How Baby’s Tiny Hug Completey Lobotomized Her

It’s exactly why we don’t eat our young.

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When you have a newborn and you're sleep-deprived beyond measure and your hormones are all over the map, sometimes your feelings change on a dime. Your emotions have never been so easily hijacked, and a tiny little creature has you under their control. One second you're ready to sob because you're so tired, the next you're ready to sob because you love your baby so much.

That's what @caitie.colors is going through in this painfully funny video. Her baby woke her up every hour the night before, but she's currently completely melted into a puddle of love because his little newborn arms are wrapped around her in a sleeping hug and the cuteness of it has "lobotomized" her.

Every parent has been there! You're just about ready to throw in the towel from utter exhaustion after nursing or making bottles all night long and then that hungry little creature will give you a toothless smile or snuggle up against you and you decide that staying up all night is just fine. Or, whatver, you just don't care right now.

Commenters totally knew where she was coming from...
"That's how they get you"
"And that's why newborn tired is better than pregnant tired. At least there's an immediate reward when they're here lol"
"My son kept waking up last night. This morning I sniffed his head and all was forgotten."
"I'm in the same boat. The cuddles make me forget."

And this, in short, is how the species manages to keep on going despite painful births and weeks of sleeplessness. The cuddles make us forget.