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Adorable 5-Month-Old Has a Busier Day Than Most Adults

Talk about productive!

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Some babies prefer to spend their days chilling out. You know, just looking around, doing some babbling, maybe trying to crawl. Probably put some stuff in their mouth at some point or another that's not supposed to be there. Drink some milk from a boob or a bottle. Typical stuff. 

Other babies live busier lives. Like the one in this video from @stephaniebrown300. Her mom goes to great lengths to keep her 5-month-old baby entertained throughout the day, and she's sharing this video so the world can benefit from some of her awesome ideas for baby fun...because, you know, babies do get bored. (And then they get fussy.)

These definitely are some fabulous ideas. Mirror time! Book circle! Sensory play! How genius are the pieces of tape on the wall? Literally no effort or money spent, and her baby is totally occupied and learning hand-eye coordination at the same time. Genius!

Commenters were totally impressed, but some had to admit they had a tougher time keeping their little ones busy throughout the day...
"After this I feel like I'm not doing enough with my baby I love her so much but she's so draining"
"I run out of ideas with my 6 month old, sometimes we just sit there, just looking at each other while I'm trying to come up w ideas to distract her"
"I love this. I have 5 month old twins and keeping them entertained all day is stressful sometimes lol"
"Saving cuz I'm running out of ideas with my 3 month old. Thank you!!"

You wouldn't think it would be so hard to keep a baby busy, but it really can be a challenge. This mom is doing a great job of coming up with fun ideas!

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