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Watch Toddlers Reaction to Sipping Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Instead of Mom’s Usual Starbucks

We feel seen.

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Listen, we all have our coffee preferences. Some of us only visit local coffee shops and would never set foot in a chain. Others are Starbucks die hards. And those of us who are truly devoted to the mermaid know that other coffee simply doesn't measure up... Dunkin' Donuts in particular. No offense to Dunkin' — those donuts go hard, but the coffee isn't everyone's favorite.

And apparently, that opinion might just be genetic. One mom on TikTok let her child have a sip of her iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts, and, well, the baby did not hold back when it came to sharing her opinion about what it tasted like.

"When Mom gets Dunkin' instead of Starbucks," said the caption on the video, and you'll have to see it for yourself to really understand how much we relate.


Seeing the coffee flow directly out of her mouth... yeah, it left a mess for Mom to clean up, but boy was it hilarious. 

Fellow parents are commenting, sharing how much they agree with this baby's opinion — both on Dunkin' and on coffee in general. While most parents don't typically let their children drink coffee on the regular, many out there have let them try it so they can learn how much they hate the taste (and yes, sometimes, that backfires).

"I’ve let mine try coffee too because she wouldn’t leave me alone. I was hoping she wouldn’t like it but she did… ugh," one mom wrote.

Again, no offense to the Dunkin' fans out there. We like what coffee we like, case closed... and that seems to include this little one!