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Adorable Baby Couldn’t Be More Thrilled to Have Cowbells

They sure are loud!

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You know how sometimes you buy something without entirely thinking it through? Like, you see something cute that you think your kid might have fun with, so you just buy it...without really thinking about what life will be like once that thing is in your house. Especially if it's something that makes a lot of noise. 

In this video from @chelseaharvey57, we see a baby having a LOT of fun with something really loud: Cowbells. "Why did I buy these?" wrote the mom, most likely suffering from a case of buyer's remorse. On the bright side? The cowbells make this baby deliriously, hilariously happy. He is truly filled with joy. 

OMG, he's almost unbearably cute. Those little legs plodding along as he swings his bells,'s just too much. When you have a baby, some moments are just so precious they'll stay with you for the rest of your life. No matter how many headaches these cowbells give this mom, she would likely never trade this memory for the world. 

Commenters were completely charmed by this little guy...
"The teeth, the hair, the smile, the rolls"
"Can you hear me laughing? Adorable!! Yes...more cowbell!"
"at least you'll always know where he is"
"Gotta LOVE more cowbell. What a cutie."
"You bought them because they give your precious sweet little one such joy. And also so you'll know where she is"

Such a sweetie. It's such a brief time that these simple pleasures bring so much joy!

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