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Baby Is Incredibly Dramatic About Wanting to Breastfeed

This baby deserves an Oscar.

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When it comes down to it, babies are just people. They have all kinds of different personalities. There are laid-back babies and intense babies, go-with-the-flow babies and make-a-big-fuss babies. Plus, it's important to remember that babies have their moods. Even a baby who's normally pretty chill might turn into a bit of a handful if they're the type to get hangry.

Whether the baby in this video from @sophia.a.carroll is always super dramatic or just when she's hungry is hard to say, but the way she comes at her mom signing that she wants to breastfeed shows that she definitely gets a little emotional before mealtime. 

It's so funny when babies act like this, because you'd think they were literally starving when they probably just had a nursing session 45 minutes ago or something. Of course, babies want to nurse when they're tired or in need of comfort, too, so they're not going to be in the best of moods if they come around signing for milk during one of those times. Basically, for some babies, breastfeeding is always an urgent matter. 

Commenters thought this mom was really smart for teaching her baby to sign and giving her a way to communicate as she's learning to speak. (Some pointed out that the ubiquitous Ms. Rachel might have something to do with the boom in babies learning sign language as of late.)

Whatever personality they have, being hungry can definitely bring out the drama in any baby. At least this mom knows exactly what her child wants!

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