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Baby Gates Absolutely Cannot Stop This Little Whirlwind

She cannot be contained.

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Before our kids start crawling, we don't have to worry about safety around the house so much — baby gates aren't necessary for little ones who can't even hold their own heads up! But the closer they get to rolling and then scooting around the house means that we really have to get it into gear, covering all of those outlets and gating off staircases and areas where we don't want them to go. It can be exhausting to ensure that all our bases are covered!

Baby gates can give us a lot of peace of mind... unless, of course, you end up with one of those fearless babies. Even before they take their first steps, you know that your childproofing is no match for them, just like the baby in this TikTok video. 

She may look innocent, but this little lady is anything but! She sees the baby gate, and though she may not be old enough to know that it's there to keep her out, she does know how to walk through it without much effort. This tiny girl has figured out how to squeeze herself on through without missing a beat.

Just by looking at the gate, it doesn't seem like she should be able to make it through the gap between the bars, which is leaving a lot of people in the comments wondering if this baby has magical powers.

"This accurately depicts with a fourth dimension looks like," one person wrote.

"She doesn’t know she has to obey the laws of physics yet. They have no hold on her," another added.

This is truly impressive, even if we don't fully understand how it's possible. Either way, we hope Mama is prepared for this kind of trickery!

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