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Baby Keeps Cracking Up Over Grandma Cutting Up Fruit and Her Laugh Is Everything

That is what we call a real belly laugh folks

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Fact: There's nothing better than a baby laugh. It doesn't matter what kind of laugh...whether it's a giggle or a chuckle or a titter, they're all pretty great. But without question, the very, very best kind of baby laugh is a full-on belly laugh. The kind of never-ending guffaw that just lights up the whole room with joy. When a baby laughs like that, everything else in the world falls away. There are no problems, no one is sad, no one is angry. And the best part is, literally anything can make a baby laugh like that. In this video from @jordanlovesremi, a grandma is holding a baby while she cuts a squash. Something about that squash is downright hilarious.


See? There is just nothing better than a baby laugh. What was it about that squash that cracked her up? Does she love the color yellow? The way the knife hits the cutting board? It could be that she's just one of those babies who thinks everything is funny, which would be just absolutely delightful for her parents. Or maybe she's just all about the squash.