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Baby Looks Like She's Mocking Mom Behind Her Back

She's over her LOL.

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As parents, we expect to get a certain amount of attitude from our children — it's only natural, right? And as much as we wish that attitude would hold off at least until the preteen years, it doesn't always work out that way. Some kids are just born sassy, and that part of their personality is apparent from the time they're babies. 

For example: This baby girl on TikTok, who appears to be mocking his mom... even though she should be too young to even understand what the concept of mocking someone is. Still, we just have to laugh, because this is too good.

In the video, which was taken by one of Mom's friends, Mom is on the couch, having a conversation with someone, and we can see from here that she talks with her hands. This is something that her baby has clearly picked up on, because she's sitting on the other side of her, waving her hands with a great amount of sass. He has her pegged! 

This is a great visual reminder of how much our babies are absorbing when they spend time around us. She might only be 14 months old, but she's clearly already learning so much about the way her mom communicates! 

People couldn't get enough of this baby's sass, sharing how much they loved it in the comments... though more than one thought she was doing Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" dance instead. Ha! 

Mom might be in for a wild ride when this little lady hits those teenage years. If she's mocking her already, what else will she learn to do before then? 

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