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Baby Would Rather Watch Ms. Rachel Than “Talk” to Mom

She's not in the mood for a convo, Mom.

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There's a growing "issue," for lack of a better word, among today's babies and toddlers, and it's called a rabid devotion to Ms. Rachel. There's nothing wrong with that on the surface, of course; she's a nice lady and totally educational and kids learn from her and it's all good, but what about when your baby prefers Ms. Rachel's company to your own?

That's kind of what's going on in this hilarious video from @elizabethmaclay. She has her little girl all set up in her highchair with her snacks, and her little one is clearly expecting the next step to be Ms. Rachel getting turned on. Except her mom has another idea for today. And baby does NOT like it. 

She's so upset! She just can't bear to be without Ms. Rachel while she's having her snacks, mom! Do you realize what you're asking of her?? This is a really big deal to her little baby self. "@msrachelforlittles what have you done to my child?" wrote the mom. 

Commenters whose kids are similarly obsessed totally related to this mom, while some suggested she talk to her during Ms. Rachel ("She shushes me!" wrote the mom) and one person even came up with the idea of dressing up as Ms. Rachel. But that seems like an awful lot of effort when you can just wait until your kid's attention has switched to something else to get their attention. And as one commenter wrote, "I do the same songs and my daughter is like girl you are not Ms. Rachel."

So it seems like your best bet is to just accept the Ms. Rachel into your life and take the little bits of attention where you can get them. There are worse things. 

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