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Adorable Baby’s Reaction to “Say Mama” Is Pretty Clear

That's not very polite.

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Moms just can't wait until their babies say "mama." It just feels like such a moment of validation, such a fun milestone...they really do recognize that we exist! We're more than just sources of milk! They love us, they really love us! 

But you can't force a baby to say mama before they're ready, as you can see in this video from @happilyeveralbertson. This hilarious little one isn't going to say mama just yet, but the way she's going to let her mom know that she's not ready to say mama is the truly hilarious part. She's got some personality, this one! 

What a comedian! Nope, I'm not ready to say fact, I'm going to give you a big old raspberry. It's too adorable. Imagine trying to keep a straight face through that one. It would literally be impossible. And while it's a safe bet that this little girl will be saying mama before long, she'll probably have a lot of other random, hilarious things to say, too. 

Commenters got a huge kick out of this little nugget:
"The perfect 'you wish' response."
"Oh I was not expecting that! like a baby llama!"
"My daughter does the same thing whenever I try to get her to say mama"
"Hahaha. She's like hahaha nope."
"The more you try, the harder they resist, it's like a game to kids, and they're very good at it"

So true. They don't like giving in, those little rascals! 

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