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Baby Is Clearly Annoyed at Having His Show Interrupted

Can't they see he's busy?

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Everybody knows what it's like to be chilling out with your favorite show. You know, you're just in that mode where all you want to do is zone out and lose yourself in a little entertainment, and you don't really want to be bothered by anybody. You're not trying to be antisocial or anything, you just, you know, want to watch your show.

That's kinda how the baby in this video from @rachelmcanany is feeling. He's like, super engaged in watching his show, propped up all cozy in his pillow, sucking on his fist. Life is good. And then daddy has to go ahead and break the spell by saying his name.

"Man was just trying to watch his show," wrote the mom. That baby was clearly annoyed at being interrupted. And the expression on his face! Just sheer indignation. The idea that someone should bother him when he's watching his's just out of the question!

Commenters thought this little guy was the cutest, and totally sympathized with his plight:

"Leo said 'this better be important' lol"
"he's like what do u want"
"hand him the remote now because he has to rewind what he missed"
"Dude what you want im into my stories"
"'can you not see i'm on a break?'"
"im teething leave me alone"

Indeed, the way this baby was chomping away at his little fist does indeed make one think he's probably teething, in which case he needs his show all the more (for distraction from the pain, of course). Hopefully little Leo was able to get back into his show after this interruption, because it looked absolutely riveting.

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