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Mom’s Genius Balloon Hack Has Toddler Daughter Squealing With Delight

This is so smart

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Every toddler parent knows, keeping them entertained for long enough to actually get anything done is more than a challenge. On some days, it's a genuine impossibility. But while there are some factors that are just out of your control, like whether or not your toddler is unbelievably cranky, if you can keep your wits and your creativity about you, you might just come up with a solution that actually works. 

Like in this video from @kirstenalittle. This mom had a fabulously creative, totally inexpensive idea for keeping her toddler daughter busy. And not only did her idea work, it literally made her little girl squeal with excitement!

Imagine that: Just tie some balloons to a ceiling fan with streamers and there you have it, hours of toddler fun. If you put yourself in a toddler's position, you can see why this idea would be a lot of fun, too: You'd be completely and totally surrounded by streamers and balloons, all swirling around you. It would be pretty enchanting. And would definitely distract you from whatever mom was trying to do. 

Commenters loved it, though some were afraid it would take them forever to set up (the creator assured them it only took her a few minutes) and others with more rambunctious toddlers worried about their kids bringing down the whole ceiling fan. But assuming your toddler is still young enough, they'll be too busy working on trying to catch one of the balloons to rip them down. That's another great thing about this activity; it helps to build hand-eye coordination skills. 

If we can just think outside of the box sometimes, we can come up with some truly awesome ideas for toddler entertainment!

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