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Parents and Baby Have Funniest After-Bath “Face Off”

It’s too cute for words.

Nothing is cuter or more special than the little funny moments we have as families. Maybe they only last five minutes, maybe it's something that happens everyday. Either way, it's something that's only about laughter and joy and nothing else, and it's the memory of these moments that keep you going when things get tough.

Like this video from @thedorefam_. It's a ridiculously cute baby and his parents having a post-bath  "face-off" you've just got to see to believe, and there's absolutely nothing you can do but laugh along.


How adorable was that? You have to wonder, is this something they do after every bath or did it just spontaneously happen that one time? There's something about a wet-haired kid in a towel that just makes for silly behavior. But it seems like this is the kind of family who looks for these happy, joy-filled moments wherever they can get them, whether that's after a bath or before breakfast or just in the middle of some random afternoon. 

Some commenters used this video to tag their significant others and say "this is what I want with you," which is really sweet (assuming their S.O. is on the same page). But most commenters were just happy for their dose of 100 percent pure love:
"This is how I want to start my day everyday"
"This is the cutest video in the world"
"This was all the serotonin I needed for today"
"Just witnessed a core memory"
"This is when you know you’ve made it"
Honestly, it just doesn't get much cuter in life than this video. It's the kind of thing you want to save on your phone so you can watch it when you're having a bad day. It's just that adorable.