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Mom Catches Dad’s Nighttime Routine With Daughter And It’s Too Funny

Not sure that’s gonna calm her down.

It's to be expected that each parent is going to have their own way of doing things... and yes, on occasion, they do clash. But there's nothing like seeing your partner have fun with the child you share, even if it means they're getting the kid a bit more riled up at bedtime than you might like.

One mom on TikTok managed to catch her husband trying to get the baby settled for bed on camera, except he was actually doing the opposite. When she snuck up on them in her daughter's room, well — you're going to have to see this one for yourself. Ha! 


Yeah, we're pretty sure that helicoptering the burp cloth is not going to get her to wind down anytime soon, but we do have to admit that this is a really cute moment. It might be worth taking a little extra time to get her to settle down that night! 

Sure, more traditionally, we might expect a nice bedtime story, a bottle, and dim lighting instead... but look at that baby dancing along with her daddy! 

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We just know this can't be the only time he's done something like this with her at bedtime.  

It's going to be so much fun for them to show their daughter this video when she's older, but something tells us that, by then, she'll know she ended up with a really fun dad. 

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