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Baby Boy “Scares” His Big Brother Every Morning and It’s Too Cute

Age differences really don’t mean anything when it comes to brotherly love.

Before we have kids, a lot of parents spend time agonizing over the age gaps they hope to have between their children. Some swear it's better to get those baby and toddler years over with sooner, and that kids close in age are likely to be best friends. Others claim it's way easier to spread the kids' births apart over a longer period of time. 

But in the end, whether or not our children are close as siblings is more up to the kids and their personalities than anything else, and this video on TikTok is proof that an age gap doesn't mean a thing when they love each other! This baby brother takes such pride in scaring his big brother every day, and it's so adorable to watch.


Seeing this little guy toddle into the bathroom and scare his brother with the cutest "boo" we've ever heard? We know their mom must be loving this! And even better are his giggles when his big brother tries to scare him right back. There's nothing better than baby laughter, especially first thing in the morning. 

After watching them go back and forth for a bit in this video, we know that these brothers are already so close, even though they're obviously quite a few years apart in age.

This is so cute, and it's easy to see why this video has managed to go viral. There's no doubt these two have brightened thousands of people's days already! 

We hope this tradition continues for years to come... though we have a feeling this baby boy is going to have to come up with bigger ways to scare his brother as he gets older!