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Little Boy Is Definitely Not Feeling the Holiday Spirit at School Performance

This is not his idea of fun.

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Tis the season for little kids to dress up in their fanciest clothes and sing songs they've recently memorized and do the corresponding hand motions. That's right, it's time for school holiday performances. And while some kids love performing in these things, and do so with gusto, other kids are more about hanging back and letting the other kids do most of the work. Still other kids look like they would rather be anyplace else in the world.

In this video from @meeshdietz, we see a child of the third variety. He's got his reindeer sweater. He's got his sleigh bells. But he is not having any of this singing and dancing. In fact, he would probably like to go home now.

How cute is the look on his face! It's such a lack of performance that he almost deserves an award for how great it is. This is so representative of life, right? You've got the people who are totally enthused and ready to go, the people who are keeping up, and the people (or the person) who's opting out. 

Commenters had some hilarious interpretations. 
"He look like he ready to chuck that bell at whoever made him stand up there"
"Frankie looks like he's seen a thing or two and needs to meet his lawyer later, he doesn't have time for this today"
"That's a reincarnated GenXer and no one can tell me otherwise"
"'The Office' but toddler version"
"When you're forced to show up to outside work events"

One thing's for sure: At one time or another, we've all felt like that little boy. 

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