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Dad Shares Adorable Initial Bracelet Daughter Made and Can’t Help But Laugh At This Little Screw Up

This went sideways real fast.

Making crafts with our kids is always fun, even in toddler years... but somehow, it gets even better when our kids are old enough to come up with their own creations. There's a very good chance we all went through a phase where we made bracelets and necklaces out of beads at some point in our childhood. It's fun to share that with our kids, too! 

But one little girl's bracelet took on a totally different meaning than she intended, as her dad shared with the world on TikTok. It was a totally innocent mistake, but we just have to laugh at what she accidentally ended up spelling out in the bracelet using letter beads.


She spelled out the word "Love" with beads, which is sweet... and then she added her initials to the bracelet. Her initials are AGV — her dad shared that her first name is Addison — but she didn't put them in that order on her bracelet. Instead, she strung the beads on so it spelled "VAG," which means something totally different, especially when combined, the bracelet says "Love VAG." 

If you chuckled at this, you're not alone. There's a reason this video is going viral, after all... and Dad made sure to call the bracelet beautiful, so we have a feeling she knows she didn't do anything wrong! 

Besides, the commenters on the video are loving this, and some are even asking where they can get one of these bracelets for themselves.

"She should think about selling these. I think there's a good market," one person joked.

Here's hoping Addison thinks it's cool that so many people got to see her beautiful creation. When she's older, she's definitely going to get a kick out of this memory!