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Mom Hysterically Pokes "Breathing Holes" in Travel Bag So Elves Can Take a Family Trip

No elves were touched!

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Christmas has always required parents to be creative, but since the Elf on the Shelf came along, there's a whole different level of creativity to be achieved. Parents outdo themselves every night, devising elaborate scenarios for their resident Elf, all while following the very strict rules of Elf magic (don't touch them, whatever you do!).

In this hilarious video from @thecarlinfamily, we see a family getting ready to go on a holiday trip. And we're talking about the WHOLE family, including the two Elves. Of course, taking the Elves on a trip presents a few will you transport them without touching them, for one thing? No worries, though, because this family has it all figured out. 

Breathing holes! Of course. Nobody wants their Elves to suffocate. And the tongs! Brilliant. This is how you do holiday parenting. The little girls both looked so enchanted by the whole process, and they'll no doubt be much happier on their trip knowing their Elves are along for the ride. 

As the family explained in the comments, there apparently are official Elf on the Shelf travel containers that you can buy, but they were sold out...and the Elves were coming along "one way or another." 

Commenters thought these parents did a great job. "The stuff people put themselves through with these darn elves," wrote one person, pretty much summing the whole thing up. 

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