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Sister Hilariously Cannot Handle Little Brother’s Drastic Haircut

She is distraught...

You never know how a kid is going to react to a new haircut, whether it's on their parents, themselves, a teacher, or somebody else they're close to. Especially if it's a drastic hair cut. Some kids just can't process this person that they care about suddenly looking so different. It's sort of heartbreaking when they get so upset, but at the same time, you have to remind's just a haircut. To the little girl in this video from @mariah.truppe, her little brother's new buzzcut is most definitely not just a haircut. It's a devastating, shocking event that she just was not ready for. 


Awww, poor girl! She must really really love her brother to be so invested in his hairdo. Plenty of sisters would look at their brother's new haircut, shrug, and go back to what they were doing. Not this sister. She's 100 percent involved in her little brother's look. As for little bro, he seems pretty shocked at her reaction. Like, is it okay to laugh? Commenters definitely found the whole thing amusing:
"The big sister in her shows. He’s her baby too"
 "everyone is traumatized"
"The man was too stunned to speak"
"He’s like… I’m sitting right here"
"you made her brother old! omg if you don't stop making baby brother older. she is too cute. handsome little man either way lol."
It's true, even big siblings mourn the growning up of their little siblings. That's most likely why she's so upset about the haircut...because it makes her baby brother look like a big boy. But don't worry, grows back. And you might just fall in love with that buzz cut in a day or two.