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Parents Enlist the Help Of Toddler’s Big Brother to Get Through Meal Times

She clearly loves her big bro the most!

When it comes to getting kids to eat, meal times can be a huge struggle. Not only do most of us parents know what it's like to try to feed a picky eater, but we're also familiar with how stressful it can be when our kids straight up refuse to eat. It's easy to see why so many parents end up dreading meals! 

But if you have more than one kid, you might be able to use the trick that these parents on TikTok have found successful. After they were unable to get their toddler daughter to eat, they tried something out of the box, and sure enough, it worked.


This adorable little lady's parents admitted that they'd always struggled with getting their toddler to eat at meal times, but then, they let her big brother try to feed her. Lo and behold, if he was the one holding the spoon, she'd finish every meal every time. It says a lot about how much she looks up to him already! 

And even better is seeing her brother's reaction to being able to help out this way. Not only did they mention that he's "incredibly proud" to feed her, but that giant smile on his face really does say it all. 

In the comments, his mom noted that they pay him for his hard work in popsicles... and that he knows protecting his sister is his "main job." 

What a sweet relationship they have already. Way to go, big bro!