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Woman’s Plea to Target Is Hysterically Relatable

She’s got a point.

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If you've spent some time in the children's clothing department of Target (heck, even if you've just walked by the children's clothing department of Target), then you might be in on a Target secret: Their kid's clothing label Cat & Jack makes clothes so cute you'd wear them yourself.

Like, no joke. This video from @karlofwindhelm is one woman's plea to Target to please start making Cat & Jack clothes available in adult sizes (including the shoes!). It's a solid argument, but is there any hope that Target will actually listen?

"The see through raincoat with the flowers on it???" the woman captioned her post, and indeed, that does sound like an adorable raincoat. Seriously, there are plenty of adults out there who would wear a raincoat like that. Target might be sleeping on a huge opportunity right now. 

Plenty of commenters were on board with an adult Cat & Jack line, too. 

"Hot tip: if you order online, they offer a broader size range that can often fit a small/medium adult!"
"Asian adult with small feet, I have totally bought Cat & Jack shoes"
"Catherine & Jackson would be ideal! I love their kid clothes"
"The soft jammies please"
"The shoes too omg"
" they not want to make money? Because I'd spend my whole paycheck."
"Im so glad i'm not alone"
"i think this DAILY"

Well, Target? The ball is in your court. Clearly there's a demand for an adult-sized Cat & Jack line, so are you going to step up and make it happen? We can always dream.

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