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Little Girl Has Funniest Nickname for Chuck E. Cheese

How that mom didn’t die laughing...

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It's not uncommon for toddlers to come up with their own names for things. Whether it's a food or a person or a place, little kids are great at coming up with their pronunciations and nicknames, even if it's hard to tell exactly what they're talking about.

Sometimes you just have to wonder where they get their ideas from. And sometimes those ideas are also unbelievably hilarious and somewhat obvious. Like in this video from @kylauren02. This little girl and her parents are driving along when they pass by a certain establishment. Well, according to the little girl, it's called the "Rat Casino." What?!

Aha. Chuck E. Cheese! The Rat Casino. Okay, that makes sense. The problem is it makes sense on so many, many levels. Clearly the girl is a fan, since she wanted to go to the Rat Casino, so she probably isn't calling it that because she's describing a place where rats run free, living out their wildest fantasies. More likely, she's calling it that because Chuck E. Cheese is a rat (right? or a mouse or something?) and an arcade is kind of like a children's version of a casino. Yeah, that's much more likely. Even if it is really funny to think of it the other way.

Commenters were all about this little girl's name change, and totally understood...
"I will forever refer to Chuck E. Cheese as 'The Rat Casino'"
"My son used to pronounce it 'Chunky Jesus' I never corrected him"
"This is the most accurate business name ever"
"As a mom who just survived a trip to the rat casino, I approve her name change"
"I mean. She's not wrong"

Clearly this little girl hit a nerve. And it's going to be very hard for a lot of people to think of Chuck E. Cheese as anything but The Rat Casino from here on out.

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