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Mom’s Husband and Ex-Husband Have a Hilariously Sweet “Nickname” for Each Other

This is how you do family blending.

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Ending a relationship can be a very complicated thing even under the best of circumstances, but it can get even trickier when children are involved. Divorce itself can be so heartbreaking, even when it's the right decision, and then, you're left with decisions about custody and co-parenting. And as if all of that isn't hard enough to navigate, it can become even harder when new partners come into the picture. 

Blending families and keeping an ex in your life at the same time is a challenge, but when it works, it is so worth it. And in this video one mom shared on TikTok, we can see how good it can be when it does go right. 

The video shows a mom, her daughter, her ex-husband (the daughter's dad) and her new husband all hanging out together at the same time, which in itself is a miracle. But then, she asks everyone to explain their relationship to her. It starts off with her current husband, and it's easy enough. And then she asks her ex to explain who she is to him, and he replies, "you bore my child." LOL! 

What we really love, though, is how the two men explain their relationship to each other: "He and I have an eight year old daughter together." 

And then, that eight year old daughter appears, declaring that they're both her dads. How adorable is that? It's no surprise that this family was raking in the compliments in the comments section.

"One thing we’ve always made sure of is to put her needs first," Mom wrote in a comment of her own.

Of course, not all coparenting relationships will run this smoothly — at least, not without doing the work to get there. But from what we've seen, this is the goal! What a lucky little girl to be surrounded by so much love.

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